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uPVC Bay Windows
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Energy-efficient Aluminium and uPVC Windows

At A1 Glazing Solutions, we prioritize your comfort, safety, and peace of mind. Our double glazed uPVC and aluminium windows are designed to provide insulation, noise reduction, and enhanced security all year round. With a wide range of styles and colors, our windows can match any home aesthetic. Upgrade your home's energy efficiency and enjoy a peaceful environment with our reliable double glazed windows.

The Benefits of uPVC Products

At A1 Glazing Solutions, our uPVC products stand out with unbeatable benefits that set us apart from the competition. With durability, low maintenance, safety, and security at the forefront, it's clear why our products are tough to match. We ensure maximum security with interior beading and fully welded windows, backed by a 10-year guarantee (5 years for glass units). For our window profiles, we rely on industry leaders Rehau and Calibre, known for their strength, dependability, and aesthetic appeal. Our energy-efficient windows carry a minimum C* grade, and we also offer A* rated frames upon request. All our glass sealed units are energy-saving, providing additional benefits to your home.

Low Maintenance

uPVC windows and doors feature a wipe-clean surface that won't decay or corrode, making them incredibly simple to maintain. Since uPVC comes in a variety of colours, painting is also unnecessary, so your doors and windows won't flake or chip. Your uPVC installations can be revitalised with just a quick wipe down with an all-surface cleaning and a towel.


It’s a well known fact that uPVC installations offer superior sound proofing. These windows and doors will help protect your ears from unpleasant sounds, such as nearby traffic and loud neighbours. If you’re woken up by commotions outside on a regular basis, or frequently find yourself stressed out by noisy neighbours, uPVC windows and doors could be the solution. They can definitely make your home a calmer, more peaceful place!

Safe and Secure

uPVC is resilient by nature, making it a very reliable material with regards to security. The frames of these windows and doors are constructed in a particular way, making them extremely burglar proof. The majority of uPVC doors are anti-crowbar, which means they can’t be forced by tools of that nature. Potential intruders are likely to be deterred by homes with uPVC doors or windows, simply because they’re aware of the difficulties they’ll have getting inside.

Effective Insulation

Your uPVC windows and doors offer impressive energy efficiency. While preventing dampness and cold air from penetrating your home, the plastic frames also help to retain heat. uPVC installations have greater insulating properties than their wood counterparts, which actually makes them more environmentally friendly. You could even end up saving a considerable amount of money on household energy bills.

uPVC Windows

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