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Bay Windows

Transform your home with a beautiful bay window. Usually made up of three or more window panes, a bay window extends outwards in an arc shape to create a feature window. It provides extra internal space, engulfs a room full of light and the sleek curved design ensures incredible views.

Our bay and bow windows are manufactured to measure to accommodate your home and come in a variety of structural and non-structural bay styles in your choice of uPVC or aluminium. Additionally, they are produced in Britain in a variety of colors and materials, including decorative glass and possibilities for double or triple glazing, depending on the material you choose for the bay window frame.

Increase Your Properties Value

Bay windows significantly boost curb appeal. They'll make the area where they're put appear much more expansive, and they're among the first things prospective buyers will notice when approaching the property from the front. As a result, they ought to contribute to raising the worth of your home.


Secure and Practical

Bay windows are formed of multiple- usually quite large – panes of glass, and so allow lots of light to enter the building. Better yet they can do this while taking up minimal wall-space. Better still, the space in the nook will be lit from every direction, making the entire room will appear brighter.

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