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Your porch provides more than just extra room for your house. Provide your property with the customised roof designs, brick, double-glazed window and door options, and other amenities it deserves. Choose from high-quality porches made of wood, aluminium, or uPVC. Additionally, improve your home's energy efficiency.


Installing a porch can help to improve the look of your home. It can also add to your home’s value and give it some additional curb appeal if you ever sell. Naturally, you will need to consider the price of building a porch and the amount it will increase your property value before having the work done, especially if you're looking to sell soon.

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Cleaner and better organised home

A porch doesn’t have to be an empty space that only serves a purpose from the outside appearance. It is an ideal place to keep your shoes and coats, and might even encourage others to take their shoes off before entering the home if there is an actual place to keep them. So overall it can help keep your home better organised, avoiding mess and clutter from entering the home.

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